About Me

Cultivating Clarity of Spirit and Depth of Soul

Hi, I'm Lisa Schiavone. I am both a healing arts practitioner and an astrologer, devoted to bringing balance and wholeness to body, mind and spirit. There are many paths to wholeness, and I believe one path is through cultivating an understanding of the universal themes and cycles that run through our lives. These themes manifest in our dreams, our occupations, our relationships, our inner longing to fulfill our life paths and to align with Source in our own way.


I call myself an archetypalist because I approach life with an eye for universal images and how they bridge collective and personal experience. This "language of the Soul" is also very concentrated in dream images, so I'm always open to working with dreams.


I truly love teaching, and especially watching people blossom and realize their gifts!

As a teacher and practitioner of healing arts, I work primarily in Traditional Usui Reiki and in Accunect.

  • Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive form of working with the body-mind-spirit to facilitate relaxation and self-healing. It helps reduce stress (and the myriad of stress-related health issues) and is based on the power of unconditional love.
  • Accunect is a healing modality based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese Five Elements and the spiritual principle of connection or Oneness. It uses gentle tapping, on or off the body, to facilitate balanced optimal function throughout the body-mind-spirit. This consciousness-based healing art reminds us that health is a natural way of being.

As an astrologer, my two favorite approaches are Archetypal and Evolutionary Astrology.

  • Archetypal Astrology takes multi-cultural myths into consideration when looking at an individual’s archetypal profile, and helps weave the expression of these energies and functions throughout daily life.
  • Evolutionary Astrology looks at what the soul has come to heal and at the growing edge a person is being encouraged to embody on his or her evolutionary path.

This is a magical combination for me! From here we can bridge into a combination of astrology and healing arts. These are the two combinations:

  • For the last 20 or so years, I have facilitated and taught “Astro-Journeywork and Archetypal Balancing” -- a process in which a facilitator guides an inner journey to awaken/harmonize/integrate the Soul Blueprint (the arrangements of planets and signs in one’s own chart). This journey to meet the archetypes is an experience like no other, and the results can be amazing.
  • As a healing arts practitioner, I also facilitate Astro-Balancing™ during Accunect sessions. This healing modality, based on the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Five Elements, includes balancing astrological archetypes as a natural part of the process. I bring all the years of experience with astrology and archetypes to this elegant and easy method of energy medicine, and "tap" the balance directly into the body-mind-spirit system.

I am certified as a Dreamworker through the Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork (Jeremy Taylor's school in California).


I have been a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) since 1989, an Alchemical Hypnotherapy trainer since 1998, and developed my own certification program in Archetypal Hypnotherapy in 2003.


I am also certified as an Archetypal and Jungian Counselor and Life Coach by the Archetypal Academy in Boulder, which I directed from 2006-2010.


If you come to see me on Skype or in my office, we may open a dream, look at your chart, take an inner journey and/or optimize the magical communication of body-mind-spirit. To me, it is all part of navigating the universal cycles that run through our lives, and embracing our ever-evolving path to wholeness.


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Professional Organizations:

ROMA (Rocky Mountain Astrologers), Board Member, Publicity & Media Coordinator

OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology), Member


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