Balancing the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 -- A Series of Inner Journeys to Harmonize Powerful Transits


In our solar system, four major planets will form a Grand Cross in the sky, giving us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in many ways. The four major players in this evolutionary dynamic have the potential to have us feeling pulled in all directions, confused, anxious, questioning our relationships and career choices, and wanting to make big changes in our lives. The more conscious we are of the collective movements going on around self-expression, relationship, home and career, the more conscious and elegant we can be in redesigning our future. We will keep our discussions SIMPLE, and leave most of the transformation to the guided meditation.


Over the next six Monday evenings, we will:


  • Learn about each of the four cardinal astrological signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
  • Understand the opportunities offered by the planets transiting in these signs: Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto
  • Bring these opportunities to consciousness (which helps us AND the planet!), taking a creative role in our evolution
  • Discover and embody the inherent gifts each of these archetypes is offering on a personal level
  • Balance the archetypes individually and with each other -- even though they seem to be at cross-purposes!!!
  • Utilize inner journey/meditation to enter a light-to-medium state of trance, where we can access inner wisdom
  • Bridge the source of inner wisdom with our waking life, applying what we learn to refresh and revitalize our lives
  • Cultivate the ability to stay centered and grounded during these potentially transformational times


Please note that this is a combination of lecture and inner journey -- so if you are listening by phone, please give yourself the time and space to relax and go inward (please do not listen while driving!).


Please bring or email your birth information so that we can apply the transit to your chart. If you are attending by teleconference, you may want to schedule an astrology reading to optimize your 6-week experience.


If you are attending in person, please bring JOURNALING MATERIALS and items to make your journey most comfortable: pillow, blanket, eye-cover (a washcloth works great).  


Suggested donation is $15-$25 per journey, $75 if paid up front. Students may donate $5/journey. It is best to attend or listen to all six weeks to get the most out of this process! Teleconference payment can be made through PayPal to this email address, or I can bill you from PayPal if you would like to use a credit card.


PLEASE REGISTER by emailing Lisa Schiavone,, Facebook private messaging, or texting/calling 303-818-0358.
Office: 1800 30th St., Suite 220-"O", Boulder CO
Teleconference: Upon registration, I will send you the conference number and meeting ID for the call, and/or the playback number for the recording


Blessings on this amazing and transformational journey!