Events & Classes

Events & Classes


New Moon and Full Moon Inner Journeys
Date: TBA


We will be raising the vibration and consciousness within ourselves of the archetypes of the Sun and New or Full Moon in their current signs. This gives us the opportunity to balance complementary opposites during the Full Moon.


You will be bringing back information that applies to your own life, bridging the archetypal universal energies and your own waking world.


A recording will be made -- on the teleconference line and/or a link to a digital recording. Please make a donation of $5-$15 for the recording.


Donation for the in-person journey is $5 for students, and $10-$15 for non-student adults. Thank you in advance for contributing toward this event!!! Please RSVP, for real-time teleconference by phone, or to request a recording. Each Full Moon in a particular sign is only once each year -- except once in Blue Moon. Here's to our evolution!